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Nikko Asset Management Australia offers investors the benefits of extensive global resources combined with the local expertise and long-standing experience of our Sydney based investment teams, with a history dating back to 1989. Today the company manages approximately AUD 19 billion1 in assets for retail and institutional clients across Australia.

With a track record of over twenty years in Australian equities and fifteen years’ experience in managing fixed income assets for insurance clients, Nikko AM Australia prides itself on its many years of accumulated market intelligence. Nikko AM Australia believes in active management and high conviction investing backed by intensive research conducted by experienced, cohesive investment teams. Our investment teams strive to achieve superior investment performance for our clients.

Nikko AM Australia investment team track record


With AUD 236 billion2 under management, Nikko Asset Management is one of Asia’s largest asset managers, providing high-conviction, active fund management across a range of Equity, Fixed Income and Multi-Asset strategies. In addition, our complementary range of passive strategies covers more than 20 indices and includes some of Asia’s largest exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

In the pursuit of excellence, we approach everything we do with an entrepreneurial mindset. This enables us to think differently, transforming intelligent insights into innovative, relevant investment opportunities for our clients. Leveraging our unique combination of a global perspective complemented by our Asian DNA, we aspire to create sophisticated and diverse solutions that set new standards in the asset management industry.

Our global investment teams have a strong appreciation for the unique characteristics of individual countries and sectors, helping them to cut through the noise to determine the real risks and opportunities. Using local market intelligence to unearth new ideas, they exploit these on-the-ground insights to build strong, dynamic portfolios for our clients.

At Nikko Asset Management, we believe in partnering with our clients to build progressive investment solutions. In a world where one-size-fits-all solutions are no longer the answer, our ability to turn insights into opportunities sets us apart. Our understanding of both our clients and the drivers of investment markets underpins the innovation and relevance of the solutions we develop.

Progressive Solutions

We are committed to delivering progressive solutions that align to the various goals of investors. In an increasingly challenging market environment, we aim to support our clients with innovative, insight-driven and relevant investment opportunities.


Our primary focus is delivering real value for our clients. Our rigorous risk management framework and research-driven culture help to guide our investment decisions as we strive to generate sustainable outperformance for our clients.

Global Citizen with Asian DNA

We leverage our global perspective and Asian DNA to help our clients navigate dynamic investment markets. Our global investment teams share local expertise and regional perspectives to provide unparalleled insights that help us to develop relevant products and build strong investment portfolios for our clients.

1 This figure was current on 31 December 2016

2 This figure was current on 31 December 2016

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