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Finding value in a low growth world: 1.5 CPD Pts

Watch our investment professionals deliver their insights on the Australian economy. The presenters at our 2016 investment briefing were Al Clark, Head of Multi-Asset; Roger Bridges, Global Rates & Currencies Strategist; James Alexander, Head of Fixed Income; and Brad Potter, Head of Australian Equities.

The speakers discussed where they are finding value in Australia's transitioning economy. We believe that good investment opportunities do exist, although finding them requires hard work and an ability to adapt investment thinking to this new environment.

To be awarded the CPD points you need to watch the investment briefing video and then complete our online quiz.

Watch briefing (53 mins) | Download presentation | Complete online quiz

Bonding with Income: 3 CPD Pts

Bonds and other forms of fixed income investment have often been regarded as the boring part of an investment portfolio and have traditionally met with low interest from Australian investors. However, the volatile markets of the past few years have changed a lot of people’s perceptions.

Many investors understand shares and how they work. Fixed income, on the other hand, is often viewed as a complex area of investment that can seem intimidating. At Nikko AM, we have created an investor booklet and 8 accompanying adviser-focused factsheets to explain what fixed income is, its potential risks and rewards and how it can form part of a balanced portfolio.

To be awarded the CPD points you need to read through the material and then complete our online quiz.

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Greed and Fear: 0.75 CPD Pts

Investing in shares can provide very attractive returns over the long term, but it is not always a smooth ride for many investors – there can be a lot of ups and downs along the way.

Picking the ‘winners’ isn’t easy. Investors are human and share markets are affected by irrational human behaviour. Complex human emotions, such as greed and fear, can result in investors buying into stocks at very high prices and later selling those same stocks at very low prices.

Our highly demanded ‘Greed, Fear and the psychology of investing’ is an educational tool designed specifically for you to provide to your clients to help explain some of the pitfalls of investing. It also shows the importance of taking a long-term view and seeking professional advice.

To be awarded the CPD points you need to read through the material and then complete our online quiz.

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Money Masters Courses hosted by No More Practice: 1 CPD pt each

The Money Masters Series provides access to exclusive video content and education materials. Please note that you will be redirected to https://edu.nomorepractice.com.au and will need to register to take the CPD quiz.

Money Masters: Nikko AM Australian Share Income Fund

The Nikko AM Australian Share Income Fund masterclass with Michael Maughan will give you insights into the breadth and depth of the team behind the Fund; the comparative value analysis process the team employs; the buy and sell discipline which underpins the Fund; and what type of investor is best suited to the Nikko AM-Tyndall Australian Share Income Fund.

Money Masters: Nikko AM Global Share Fund

The Nikko AM Global Share Fund masterclass with Iain Fulton will give you insights into the concept of free-thinking and how it informs the Nikko AM Global Equity team’s investment philosophy; the buy and sell discipline behind the Fund; what the team means by ‘future quality’ and how this impacts stock selection; and what type of investor is best suited to the Nikko AM Global Share Fund.

Articles hosted by Adviser Voice: 0.25 CPD pts each

Please note that you will be redirected to www.adviservoice.com.au.

CPD: Fintech – Disruptor or saviour?

By Peter Monson, Senior Equity Analyst, Nikko AM Asian Equity team
The excitement over financial technology (fintech) innovation has escaped few in the investment community of late. Some of the hype would suggest that we are witnessing the death of banking, but we believe banks will be much more resilient and actually benefit from development of the industry both in terms of cost efficiency gains and revenue generating capabilities.

CPD: 3% is the new 5% for the Australian cash rate

By Chris Rands, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager
Over the past five years, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has cut the cash rate from a high of 4.75% in 2011 to a low of 1.50% in August 2016. During this period, Australian households have borrowed increasingly large amounts of debt, which are being financed at lower and lower rates. One consequence of this borrowing is that when the interest rate cycle turns and the RBA does start to increase the cash rate, the rate that is achievable will likely be structurally lower than those observed before the global financial crisis (GFC). We expect that 3% is likely to be the ceiling level for the Australian cash rate as opposed to the ‘normal’ 5% level we saw through the 1990s and 2000s.

CPD: Choosing cash over fixed income doesn’t make sense

By Roger Bridges, Global Rates & Currencies Strategist
Australian investors have largely missed out on the 20-year bond rally, preferring instead to invest in cash for their liquid/defensive asset holding. However, they missed out on a major benefit of holding high quality bonds – the negative correlation they provide to equities. This particularly came to light in the GFC when equity prices collapsed and Australian investors had no fixed income exposure to offset the negative returns from equities. In addition, investors in cash/term deposits tend to be more exposed to cash rate cuts.

CPD: Which matters more – Fundamentals or QE?

By Chris Rands, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager
Nikko Asset Management Australia’s fixed income team is continuing its effort to determine if credit spreads are close to the top. In this article, we focus on what is more important for credit spreads in the current environment: the fundamentals or central bank actions? Our research suggests that since 2010 the answer has been central banks and, in particular, the US Federal Reserve.

CPD: Capitalising on the Pacific Decade – Taking the long-term view on China

By Yu Ming Wang, Deputy President, Global Head of Investment
For investors outside China, whether they have holdings in Chinese shares or not, coming to a coherent investment view on the country has become imperative as it exerts an ever-increasing influence on global markets. We believe that China’s economic riddle can only be explained as a once-in-a-century event – any shorter term perspective misses the wide-ranging and long-reaching implications.

CPD: China – Lost in transition?

By Nikko Asset Management
James Eginton provides his insights on the economic transition in China following a recent research trip to the region. The transition from a reliance on infrastructure investment to consumer spending – perhaps the largest the world will ever see – has significant implications for global growth.

CPD: Corporate profits – Can the US go it alone?

By Chris Rands, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager
US corporate profits have been going sideways since 2013, with both domestic receipts (share of profits emanating from US) and foreign receipts (share of profits emanating from the rest of the world) struggling to make new highs. With the US Federal Reserve (Fed) likely to start an interest rate tightening cycle this year, it begs ...

CPD: Commodities – supply has arrived but where is the demand?

By James Eginton, Research Analyst
There has been plenty of focus on the increased supply of Australia’s mining and energy exports following the tremendous investment in this sector over the past decade. The unprecedented investment boom has translated into record high production and export volumes and contributed to sharp falls in the prices of some of our leading commodities. What...

CPD: Pauline Vamos – Flexible income stream products are the future of the superannuation industry

By Nikko Asset Management
Interview with Pauline Vamos, CEO of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) The compulsory superannuation guarantee system was introduced in 1992 and since then it has become the second-largest asset for the majority of Australian workers. As of the end of the December 2014 quarter, superannuation assets totaled AUD 1.64 trillion. In late ...

CPD: Active management of credit more effective over the longer term than a target-seeking strategy

By John Sorrell, Head of Credit
Credit is an attractive asset class that should provide long-term outperformance over government bonds Active management of the exposure to credit can substantially improve performance but a sole focus on a targeted level of outperformance may not be the best strategy This is particularly the case over shorter timeframes where target-seeking can be counterproductive.

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