Australian Equity - Thought Leaders Series, Part 1

17 August 2016

In investing, value is intrinsically linked to the perceived worth of a company. Yet in a market that’s becoming more risk-averse, investors are increasingly choosing to prioritise safety at any price instead. In the first of two conversations with Vanessa Stoykov, creator of the "No More Practice" series, Jason Kim, Portfolio Manager & Senior Analyst, Australian Equities discusses the role of value in investing and how being patient and staying the course can help to realise value.

Duration: Approx 11 minutes


Jason Kim, Portfolio Manager & Senior Analyst
B Economics, M Economics, F. Fin, FIAA (Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia)

Jason joined the business in 2000. He has 22 years’ experience, including 19 years in funds management and three years with the Commonwealth Public Service. Prior to joining, Jason worked with ASSIRT and Deutsche Funds Management as a quantitative analyst and portfolio manager focusing on strategic asset allocation, managed funds research and risk control. Jason is co-portfolio manager for the Nikko AM-Tyndall Australian Share Wholesale Fund and Nikko AM-Tyndall Australian Share Concentrated Fund. He has analyst responsibilities for the Insurance sector.

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