Fixed Income: Constructing Optimal Portfolios


9 August 2016

James describes how the Nikko AM fixed income team constructs portfolios and why risk management is an integral part of their approach.

Duration: Approx 3.15 minutes


James Alexander, Co-Head of Global Fixed Income & Head of Australian Fixed Income
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

James joined the business in 2013 and is responsible for the Australian fixed income team’s investment process, products and performance, as well as managing portfolios for the Core Solutions segment of the Australian fixed income offering. He also has joint management responsibility for Nikko AM’s global fixed income team.

James has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry, with fixed income portfolio management experience gained mostly from his time at AllianceBernstein Australia. James has a breadth of experience in managing fixed income portfolios across many different strategies encompassing both core fixed income exposures and liability driven investing. He began his career on the trading floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange after emigrating from Canada in 1989.

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