Nikko AM Australian Equities

The majority of the Australian equities team has direct equity ownership in a 50:50 joint venture company alongside Nikko AM Limited, which helps to maintain team stability and allows investment professionals to share in the team’s business success and growth.

For a fund manager of its size, Nikko AM Limited has a relatively large Australian equities investment team, reflecting our strong preference to conduct our own independent research.

Our investment process is managed by a team of 11 investment professionals. They have an average of 17 years’ industry experience in analysing Australian shares and managing Australian share portfolios and have been working together as a team for an average of 10 years.

Nikko AM Australia’s research process recognises the importance of thorough, in-depth analysis. Each analyst covers 15 to 20 stocks in total and specialises in a particular sector, except for financials and resources, where there are two to three sector specialists.

Our Intrinsic Value approach to investing has a 25-year track record in performance and is highly rated by leading research houses and asset consultants.

Nikko AM Limited recognises that investors will have differing investment objectives when investing in Australian equities. We offer three broad Australian equity strategies designed to cater for investors’ varying needs for capital growth and income, as well as risk appetite.

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+This Fund was formerly known as the Tyndall Australian Share Concentrated Income Fund. The Fund name, minimum investment size and re-wording of the Fund's objective changed on 20 May 2013. The Fund's investment strategy and process remain unchanged.

Nikko AM Global Equities

Nikko Asset Management’s Global Equity team is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and comprises six portfolio managers/analysts, with an average 19 years’ industry experience. The team’s flat structure is designed to maximise their ability to capture their best ideas in client portfolios and to minimise any behavioural biases that may prevent them from achieving the best results for clients.

Significant diversity of background and combined breadth of experience through a variety of market cycles and crises across global investment markets enables them to ‘join the dots’, applying their knowledge to think laterally and pragmatically to find the best available investment opportunities.

The team does not believe there is a single, pre-determined ‘recipe for success’ in idea generation. Experience and mutual trust allows them to keep an open mind about each investment case to ensure that they consider opportunities from a variety of different perspectives.

They believe that effective execution of the process relies on a culture of focused collaboration to achieve one goal: high conviction portfolios that aim to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

It is this combination of extensive experience, flexible free-thinking and effective execution that offers a compelling and differentiated outcome for our clients.

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++ The Fund was formerly known as Nikko AM World Equities Fund. The Fund name changed on 29 May 2015.

Nikko AM Asian Equities

Nikko AM Australia is part of a global team of investment professionals sharing the research, resources and intelligence of the Nikko AM global network. Each fund is managed by region specific investment professionals.

Investment team
Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited (NAM Asia) is a leading asset manager for retail, private and institutional investors. NAM Asia offers investors a range of effective investment management solutions across a wide spectrum of asset classes.

NAM Asia has a long history and strong reputation within the Asian market. This means that its analysts and portfolio managers have considerable access to the management of companies they are researching for potential or ongoing investment. NAM Asia considers its proprietary research capabilities to be the cornerstone for generating higher returns and expects to achieve these results by developing a deeper understanding of the companies in which it invests.

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+ The Fund was formerly known as TAAM New Asia Fund. The Fund name changed on 1 December 2014. The Fund’s investment strategy remains unchanged.

Nikko AM Japan Equities

Nikko AM’s Japanese equity portfolio managers are supported by a robust equity research platform based in Tokyo. The centralised research effort, consisting of 13 experienced analysts, has strength across all sectors, market caps and styles and a strategist with over 30 years industry experience. The team’s sources of information extend beyond traditional forms such as financial statements, sell-side research, and local news flows. The equity team places an emphasis on direct contact with company management. The team’s local physical presence in Tokyo as part of one of the largest asset managers in Japan helps facilitate the dialogue with local companies.

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