Nikko AM New Asia Fund

The Nikko AM New Asia+ Fund invests in securities in Asia (excluding Japan) and cash. As a guideline, the Fund will usually hold approximately 40 - 60 different securities. NAM Asia will select securities for the Fund predominantly by using a bottom-up stock selection approach, and will generally take a long-term view to investing.

Identifying the key themes for tomorrow's Asia

by Peter Sartori, Head of Equity, Asia

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Investment objective

The Fund aims to outperform the MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index (in Australian Dollar terms) unhedged over the long term after fees and expenses but before taxes.

Key benefits

Investment professionals with global access

Managed by professionals

The Fund is managed by NAM Asia’s investment professionals who have access to investment techniques that may not be available to all investors.

More investment opportunities


NAM Asia gives you access to investment opportunities and markets that may not be accessible to individual investors. With its experienced, passionate investment team and a strong investment process, NAM Asia aims to identify and take advantage of market inefficiencies to generate positive total returns for investors in the Fund.

Lower cost investing, generating returns

Investment opportunities

The fund manager can usually invest at a lower cost than individual investors. From its investments, the Fund is expected to generate (but does not guarantee it will generate) dividends, interest, foreign tax credits and capital gains (as well as capital losses) for investors.

Strong risk management

Reducing risk

NAM Asia aims to reduce this risk by diversifying the Fund’s portfolio in accordance with the Fund’s investment guidelines. NAM Asia aims to select intrinsic value investments that offer the best compromise between risk and expected return.

Fund characteristics

  • Active management of mid to large cap companies offering sustainable and growing earnings
  • Concentrated portfolios – a typical regional portfolio holds between 40 to 60 stocks
  • Identification of mis-priced stocks through fundamental research
  • Portfolios are predominantly constructed through bottom-up stock selection
  • Stock selection and stock weightings driven by view and conviction, not the benchmark
Nikko AM New Asia Fund at a glance
Inception DateNovember 2005
BenchmarkMSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index (in Australian Dollar terms) unhedged
Management Cost1.025% p.a.
Performance Fee#10.25%
Minimum initial investment*$20,000
Minimum additional investment*$5,000
Distribution frequency^Annually following 30 June
Nikko Asset Management Australia Limited ABN 34 002 542 038 AFSL 229664 (Nikko AM Australia), is the Responsible Entity and issuer of units in the Fund and may accept lower amounts at any time at its discretion.
Fund returns can be volatile. Nikko AM Australia does not guarantee to provide distributions, or what the amount of distributions may be.
10.25% of returns made in excess of MSCI All Country Asia - ex Japan Index (in Australian Dollars terms) provided the return of the Fund is positive.
The Fund was formerly known as TAAM New Asia Fund. The Fund name changed on 1 December 2014. The Fund’s investment strategy remains unchanged.
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