Multi-Asset Capability

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Our Multi-Asset team offers investors customised solutions and dedicated asset allocation expertise, with a strong focus on downside risk to minimise losses. Drawing on the global capabilities of Nikko AM’s specialist teams, our solutions are designed to balance clients’ risk budgets across the different components of return to enable their portfolios to perform through all market environments.

Key Principles for Multi-Asset

Duration: 2.00 minutes

Amidst the changing face of risk, our strategy offers a unique way to invest in evolving markets

  • Highly experienced, nimble portfolio management team: Brings together a diverse blend of individuals with complementary skill sets who are highly experienced in asset allocation through different market cycles.
  • A disciplined 4-step hybrid investment process: We employ a balance of quantitative and qualitative inputs with the capacity to create customised client solutions across multiple objectives.
  • Focused approach to managing downside risk: Aiming to minimise losses in a falling market, we proactively prepare the portfolio with three layers of downside risk protection.
  • Strategic partnership with Eurasia Group: Our Emerging Market Multi-Asset strategy is enhanced by our partnership with the world’s leading global risk research firm. Eurasia Group’s 60+analysts provide us with their insights and forecasts on country-level risks, examining cross-border geopolitical issues for over 100 countries.
Nimble decision making Hybrid process Critical focus on downside risk Eurasia Group collaboration
Some asset allocation funds have cumbersome committees Unique combination of qualitative and quantitative insights Some strategies treat downside risk as an afterthought Exclusive strategic partnership provides unique political insight
Tight-knit, experienced team with structure that allows quick and decisive decision making and accountability Diverse member skill sets combine quantitative and qualitative techniques, recognising the limitations of each A proactive focus on downside risk is embedded in the team’s DNA, using a layered approach to minimise losses, as well as factoring in geopolitical risk Nikko AM and Eurasia share the philosophy of combining quantitative rigour with qualitative insights and these views are integrated into Nikko AM’s process

Customised solutions to help our clients meet their investment goals

Combining our dedicated asset allocation expertise with quality global stock and bond selection, we offer a variety of customisable, multi-asset offerings, including Global Multi-Asset, Emerging Market Multi-Asset and Low Risk Multi-Asset strategies.

In a world of low returns and high volatility, our outcome-oriented multi-asset solutions aim to help investors meet their income goals while maintaining an appropriate level of risk.

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