2020 Global Investment Series

Diversify your knowledge with our Global Investment Series

Watch our team of global portfolio managers from Australia, the US, UK and Asia to hear their perspective on how markets have evolved due to the crisis, how their portfolios are positioned, and where they see opportunities.

Each on demand webinar is CPD accredited.

The long road to recovery

Presented by Chris Rands, Portfolio Manager, The Nikko AM Australian Bond Fund

  • How did we get here?
  • Central bank policy: why it’s not working and how it’s contributing to the problem
  • Government spending: when is enough, enough?
  • Why interest rates will be lower for longer and what that means for investors

Value investing during market uncertainty

Presented by Jason Kim and Michael Maughan, Portfolio Managers, Australian Equity

  • Market overview
  • Pre and post (COVID-19) portfolio positioning - what changed and why
  • The impact of company dividends on the Nikko AM Australian Share Income Fund
  • Where to for value investing?

Future Quality companies extend beyond tomorrow

Presented by Iain Fulton, Portfolio Manager, Nikko AM Global Share Fund

  • The impact of COVID-19 on global companies
  • Changes to our portolio positioning and why
  • How Future Quality companies perform in a recovery market
  • Future Quality opportunities: where we see value and why

Disruptive innovation - trends and future growth

Presented by Brett Winton, Director of Research at ARK Invest, a Nikko AM Strategic Partner

  • ARK's latest innovation focus
  • How innovations in genomics and biotechnology are helping with the crisis
  • The impact to the global car industry and what that means for autonomous vehicles
  • Disruptive innovation opportunities during and post the crisis

Outlook on Asia: Opportunities and challenges post COVID-19

Presented by Rob Mann, Head of Asia

  • Market outlook
  • Opportunities and challenges for Australian investors
  • Examining China equities
  • China in recovery