4-minute reporting season wrap-up

Brad Potter, Head of Australian Equities at Nikko Asset Management delivers his summary of the week that was in reporting season.

February 2021 Reporting Season Podcasts

Week four: 1 March

What’s become clear from this global pandemic is that the global economy has been reset. That presents an opportunity for value stocks to rebound, as they typically bounce back well out of a recession. Brad Potter takes four minutes to share his view on the final week of reporting season and explains why he believes 2021 will be a year for value.

Week three: 22 February

The lift in iron ore prices to lofty new levels has seen the three major iron ore producers deliver some cracking results. Not far behind were the banks, which materially outperformed for the month. And not to be outdone was the retail sector with one company reporting a massive 86% rise in profits over the half year. Find out who the winners were in week 3 of 4-Minute Monday.

Week two: 15 February

Week 2 of reporting season was brutal for some and surprising for others. Find out which company reported the dreaded ‘hat-trick of misses’ and, in stark contrast, which company is trading on eye-watering premiums against its peers. Join Brad Potter as he reveals all this and more in week 2 of 4-Minute Monday.

Week one: 8 February

2020 was a tragic and extraordinary year. From the perspective of financial markets, it was impossible to envisage what transpired. To make sense of what the year past and present holds for companies in week one of reporting season, Nikko AM’s Head of Australian, Brad Potter, shares his observations and insights.

August 2020 Reporting Season Podcasts

Week four: 31 August 2020

Retail has been one of the surprise winners from the pandemic, capturing the attention of savvy investors. But just as important as identifying winners is avoiding the losers. Brad Potter shares his view the changing dynamics and outlook for dividends in this week’s episode of 4-Minute Monday.

Week three: 24 August 2020

This reporting season has been following a traditional path of sales, outlook and EPS beats, and the classic short squeeze on stocks that report well. Brad Potter shares his view on what’s driving these outcomes in this week’s episode of 4-Minute Monday.

Week two: 17 August 2020

CBA and NAB’s provisioning levels remain low thanks to the high level of government support and ongoing loan deferrals. But how long can it last? And despite Telstra delivering a report that was in line with expectations, what did they say in their outlook that resulted in their stock being severely punished? Brad Potter covers this and more in this week’s episode of 4-Minute Monday.

Week one: 10 August 2020

Why does Brad Potter believe Qantas has been a ‘poster child’ during the pandemic, and what are his earnings forecasts for Telstra, AGL and CBA? Listen to this week’s edition of 4-Minute Monday to find out.

February 2020 Reporting Season Podcasts

Week four: 2 March 2020

One of the greatest enemies of stock markets is fear, and it’s been doled out in spades in the past week. Not surprising, it has impacted the valuation spread between defensive, low volatility stocks and the cyclical value end of the market. What’s the outlook for markets?

Week three: 24 February 2020

Week three — Eye of the storm While QBE and Iluka were up strongly during the week off the back of their results, the same couldn’t be said for a number of gaming stocks that seem to be caught in the eye of the corona virus storm.

Week two: 17 February 2020

As more and more companies call out the potential reduction in future earnings due to the coronavirus, house prices across the country continue to rise. And what could the TPG-Vodafone merger mean for Telstra?

Week one: 10 February 2020

2020 reporting season comes in the midst of the coronavirus, ongoing bushfires and subdued global growth. How are these factors playing out in markets and which stocks are already delivering a more tempered outlook?

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