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4-Minute Monday. Your weekly 4-minute reporting season wrap up

Your weekly 4-minute reporting season wrap-up

In this video, jason Kim, Portfolio Manager, reveals why Aussie banks stack up from a value perspective.

In this video, Darren Langer, Senior Portfolio Manager, debunks the top 5 myths in fixed income.

Australian Equities

In this webinar, Brad Potter, Head of Australian Equities provides a summary of the recent reporting season, insight into his most recent company visits in US as well as emerging trends and themes affecting equity markets.

Nikko AM's Brad Potter was featured on Channel 9 Investment Series "Learn from the Money Masters"

The Nikko AM Australian Share Income Fund balances income and growth. Learn how from co-portfolio manager Malcolm Whitten.

Fixed Income

Chris Rands of Nikko Asset Management discusses why the ‘free ride’ may be over for investors.

There’s been immense public backlash around overseas property investors, but are we being too hasty in our assessments? Chris Rands of Nikko Asset Management explains the short-sightedness of this approach and details the other factors set to impact property prices moving forward.

Watch Chris Rands, Portfolio Manager & Senior Analyst discuss the role of emotions in investing and strategies for investors to consider during low return markets.

Global Equities

How focusing too much on short-term noise can have an adverse effect on your investment decision-making and why you might be better off to just ignore it.

QE ‘easy money’ can make potential alpha even more difficult to spot as the complexities that once served to identify them have now been hidden.

There are plenty of opportunities to be found in industries that are being disrupted if you know where to look.

Asian Story

Sam Hallinan of Nikko Asset Management examines the trends and events set to impact investing in 2018 and beyond.

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