Why Nikko AM fixed income?

Nikko AM Australia is one of Australia’s most experienced fixed interest investment managers. Our fixed income team has an average of 22 years’ investment experience and a long track record in managing fixed income portfolios.

Our fixed interest, credit and cash philosophy stems from the belief that financial markets are “efficient” in the long term but exhibit identifiable mis-pricing in the short to medium term. We believe that it is possible for a skilled and experienced fixed income professional to identify, forecast and profit from market mis-pricing opportunities. Successful execution of this active approach can add value in excess of our clients’ investment objectives on a risk-adjusted basis over time.

Nikko AM Australia recognises that investors use the fixed interest asset class for a variety of objectives, either on a standalone basis or within diversified multi-asset class portfolios. As a result, we offer a number of fixed interest strategies which may be customised to be fit for a client’s purpose, including:

  • ’True-to-label‘ diversified approaches to fixed income management, which preserve the defensive characteristics of the asset class;
  • Portfolios managed against specific liabilities or expected cash flow streams; and
  • Specialised fixed income sector approaches which may target specific risk premiums or characteristics, including interest rate term structure, credit or inflation protection.

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Australian Fixed Income

Invests in a range of predominantly investment grade Australian fixed interest securities, and cash and short-term securities.
Half yearly
3 years
AUD 10,000

*Please note, this is a guide only, not a recommendation.