Not everyone sees the next big thing coming

With the Nikko AM ARK Global Disruptive Innovation Fund,
you can invest with more foresight

The Nikko AM ARK Global Disruptive Innovation Fund offers access to a global equity portfolio that provides thematic exposure to disruptive innovation. The Fund seeks to capture long-term capital growth by capitalising on changing trends caused by technology-enabled innovations like genomics, robotics and next generation internet.

What is disruptive innovation?


Who is ARK?

ARK Investment Management LLC (ARK) is a leading investment manager focused solely on disruptive innovation that is changing the way the world works. They are a strategic partner of the Nikko AM Group and the sub-advisor for this strategy.

Investing in the future

More than simply a ‘tech’ fund, the fund is centered on five key innovation platforms that include: big data, energy storage, genomic sequencing, robotics, and next generation internet. It also provides exposure to early-stage and emerging companies that are listed through global equity markets.

Big Data

Energy Storage

Genomic Sequencing


Next Generation Internet


A research approach that makes all the difference

With a sole focus on disruptive innovation, ARK uses an Open Research Ecosystem that combines top-down and bottom-up research. It is designed to identify disruptive innovation early, allowing for an organised exchange of insights between ARK’s investment professionals, director of research and analysts, and external sources.


How to apply

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