If you wish to invest directly, then you have several options, including:

Investing directly with Nikko AM

Invest directly with us by reading a current Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and completing an application booklet and customer identification form. If you have any queries regarding the application booklet, contact Nikko AM Investor Services on 1800 251 589

Asking your financial adviser

Ask your financial adviser who can help you prepare and secure your financial future. They also do all the necessary paperwork for you so that your money starts working for you faster. In addition, your adviser can show you Nikko AM Australia’s ability to blend well with your existing portfolio. If you do not have an adviser and would like to find one in your area, please check the Financial Planning Association (FPA) website www.fpa.asn.au or the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) website www.afa.asn.au, or call the FPA on 1800 626 393 or the AFA on 1800 656 009

Using a direct investment service

Our funds are also available on the following direct investment services: